Early Stage Funding.

By India’s Best Angels.

Our Investment Focus

India Focus

We invest in Indian startups, targeting the Indian market or global markets; it doesn’t matter where they are incorporated.

Sector Agnostic

We invest in startups across all sectors, that leverage technology to uniquely solve a problem

Early Stage

We invest across the spectrum of Early Stage, starting from Seed to Series-A. We lead in Seed rounds and co-invest in Pre-A/Series A rounds.

Abstract Sound Waveform


B2B2C commerce platform for interior building materials

Artificial intelligence-based multilingual dubbing platform

Create, grow & earn through group chats

Community group buying for daily use products like Groceries

Innovative model to cover healthcare expenses


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Founder CityMall

“Arun is a perfect partner to get onboard for an early stage startup. He is humble and has an extremely hands-on approach to help. It has been a true delight to work with him.”

Mitron Founders

Courtesy: Forbes India

“Arun has been an angel (literally) to Mitron. Arun has helped us with his knowledge, experience and connections.”

Founder Joveo

“Rarely, you come across an extraordinary business leader like Arun. He has an ability to quickly decode data and market signals to identify opportunities for growth. Any founder would be extremely fortunate to have Arun on their cap table.”

Co-Founder, StayQrious

“While Arun himself brings tremendous experience, he also connects us to highly experienced industry leaders which is invaluable. His founder empathy makes it easy to discuss any issue”

Founders, Kenko Health

“Arun is more like a mentor than an investor. One can discuss any issue with him openly. He always gives us solid advice on the trickiest of issues. Great to have him on Kenko's side”

Co-Founders, Zuddl

“Arun believed in Zuddl since day 0. His early support has helped us grow to where we are today. He has truly been more than an investor.”

Co-Founders, Zuddl

“Arun is one of the first folks who believed in FitBudd. Along with being an investor, he is also our friend, mentor and a great sounding board. His immense experience, as a techie and as an investor, brings a lot of value for founders.”