Investment Process

Just write to us at and tell us about what you are up to. Make sure you cover the following in the pitch deck or your email:
- What are you are solving for and how?
- Size of the opportunity
- Your product and how it works?
- Founding team / background
- How will you make money?
- Traction / key metrics
- How much funding you are looking for?

Yes, as long as you are 100% working on the startup idea after leaving any other full-time job etc.

Within 2 weeks maximum, we will either confirm our interest to invest or regret our inability to participate.

Funding Rounds

Seed: We co-lead seed investment rounds where the startup is looking to raise $100k to $400k, where we contribute up to 50% of the total round size. Where we are co-leading the round, we will finalize the terms of the round and we will also help you bring other investors including seed funds.

Series A: In institutional rounds, where the startup is raising $500k to $5mil, we are happy to be a smaller but useful investor, co-investing on the same terms along with a larger investor who may be leading the round. In such a round, we can invest $300k to $500k per deal and we will go with the terms decided by the larger investor and you.

We generally avoid bridge rounds and co-invest only in rounds where there is new investor who is leading the funding round.

The VC will bring in capital and enormous guidance strategically. As a smaller co-investor in the round, we will bring in a group of high-quality angels who can:
- be great bouncing boards for you
- open doors with potential customers, investors and partners
- refer and help with hiring
- provide domain expertise

The rights we ask for (pro rata rights, liquidation preference, information rights etc) are standard and fair. This will help simplify the process of closing the seed round quickly.

Normally, we seek pro-rata participation rights and we aim to participate in subsequent rounds to the extent of maintaining our ownership.

Usually, in rounds where we are co-investing with a bigger investor, we ask for a right to nominate a Board Observer. Observers, if nominated, can participate in Board meetings but do not vote.

In seed rounds where we are leading, we may ask for a right to nominate a board member.
Normally, we don’t exercise the right unless it is necessary.

As a smaller investor who brings in high quality angels, we don’t have any defined minimum ownership requirement. Of course, we will look to invest on fair terms that are win-win for everyone.

of funding

No. As a founder, you interact only with the Lead Investor (Arun Tadanki). The Lead Investor may consult some of the domain experts in the Syndicate for their inputs, during the evaluation process. So, you get the benefit of bringing in some of the best angels in India but the process is way simpler than talking to 50 angels or a fund.

No. You don’t have to go through 3 levels of pitching before you reach the Investment Committee. You pitch to the Lead Investor and once he confirms the interest, you will get a Term Sheet.

No. That’s the biggest advantage of working with Waveform Ventures. You get a single cheque and we will be just one shareholder on your cap table.

About Waveform Ventures

Waveform Ventures is the name of Arun Tadanki’s syndicate, which consists of some of the best angels in India. The syndicate presently runs on LetsVenture fund stack (LV Angel Fund is a SEBI-registered angel fund) where Letsventure provides us with all the necessary administration & compliance support for all the investment opportunities.

Angels participating in the syndicate include unicorn entrepreneurs, well-regarded tech angels, CXOs of companies like Google, Amazon, Spotify, Walmart, Nestle, Spencer’s, Morris Garages, Visa etc.

The Lead Investor is based in the National Capital Region in India but we invest in startups across India.


CityMall Investors

“Arun is a perfect partner to get onboard for an early stage startup. He is humble and has an extremely hands-on approach to help. It has been a true delight to work with him.”

Mitron Investors

Courtesy: Forbes India

“Arun has been an angel (literally) to Mitron. Arun has helped us with his knowledge, experience and connections.”

Joveo Investors

“Rarely, you come across an extraordinary business leader like Arun. He has an ability to quickly decode data and market signals to identify opportunities for growth. Any founder would be extremely fortunate to have Arun on their cap table.”

Co-Founder, StayQrious

“While Arun himself brings tremendous experience, he also connects us to highly experienced industry leaders which is invaluable. His founder empathy makes it easy to discuss any issue”

Founders, Kenko Health

“Arun is more like a mentor than an investor. One can discuss any issue with him openly. He always gives us solid advice on the trickiest of issues. Great to have him on Kenko's side”

Co-Founders, Zuddl

“Arun believed in Zuddl since day 0. His early support has helped us grow to where we are today. He has truly been more than an investor.”

Co-Founders, Zuddl

“Arun is one of the first folks who believed in FitBudd. Along with being an investor, he is also our friend, mentor and a great sounding board. His immense experience, as a techie and as an investor, brings a lot of value for founders.”